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Renovation Guide

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Before the renovation, a lot of times we didn't do our homework, and we didn't know exactly what we liked or wanted. So, probably in the mind after the chart, to start planning and statistics, need to install those furniture and electrical appliances, this part is a direct impact on the later use, and affect the initial construction of water and electricity transformation, socket position, very important.

Kitchen appliances:

Disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, integrated kitchen, timing gas stove, garbage processor, microwave oven, steam box, oven, embedded induction cooker, rice cooker (location), egg beater, juicer, bread machine, soybean milk machine, central water purification, central soft water, pre-water purification, direct drinking water, overseas online shopping small electrical appliances and so on.

All embedded kitchen appliances need to plan their location and size in advance, so as to plan and reserve the socket position in advance. Timing gas stove also needs to reserve the socket. Overseas online shopping small appliances need to use 110V transformer, so they need to plan the circuit in advance.

Toilet pluming and electricity planing:

Washing machine for women, intelligent toilet, intelligent bathtub, wall row toilet, necessary socket, etc

Living balcony:

Washing machine, dryer, mop sink, etc


The sweeping robot, mop robot, cordless vacuum cleaner, induction night light, intelligent home, etc

These are easy to miss around or may not be considered in advance, other general application, such as the night table, TV wall socket, these are the standards.

After deciding this electric equipment and his demand, plan the dimension of the whole furniture again, of furniture put and dimension also affect the discretion of socket directly.

A lot of people put the ark of the head of a bed to go in discovery socket is below ark of the head of a bed, how to do. The nightstand will block the socket in half, OCD will be very tangled, I want to pull out and throw. Therefore, first, determine the size of all furniture, and put the position, see the corresponding socket position and these whether there are conflict and omission.

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