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Which Countertop Material Have the Best Cost and Performance ?

Why does the kitchen countertop of abroad what material all have, beautiful solid wood countertop , marble countertop abounding everywhere, and we choose to choose to go one appearance?

Just know your cooking habits and what kind of countertops work for you. At the end of the article, there are simple and crude tests that allow you to quickly pick the right countertop material for you.

Customers according to their own habits, boldly selected elm wood to do the kitchen table.

Solid wood: pretty, but not necessarily for you

There are no obvious features -- fast, cheap wood is soft and porous, and hard wood is slow and expensive.The woodiness nature that makes mesa needs a few harder, but because mesa itself area is big, if want to look for such a complete solid wood big board, the price is really expensive.Splicing is a more affordable option -- smaller pieces of wood stick together at a much more reasonable price.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is to want craze certainly, this kind of use of kitchen mesa, in case craze can conceal filth and evil people's habits, very bad clear, go all out board craze probability is small, but do not represent absolutely won't craze.Wood cracks most easily when there are frequent changes in temperature and humidity.Either hearth surroundings need not solid wood, or change cooking habit namely, use medium and small fire or change electromagnetism furnace directly. In addition, the table splash water should be immediately wiped off, to avoid water into the interior of the wood, polluting the wood.

Averie Lane

In addition, solid wood needs to be painted or waxed before use to better protect the wood surface.Even so, just take off the hot pot also do not buckle to the solid wood, otherwise directly burned out a circle of carbon marks. To put it bluntly, although real wood is beautiful, still need you to carefy well, also need to make adjustment to cooking habit, do not bake it with high temperature as far as possible, should not divide minute crack to you look.

Fire prevention board: beauty and lazy cancer can not have both

Want good-looking wood grain, still have a method, choose fire prevention board namely. Fire prevention board is particleboard, the surface layer fire performance outside is better, the board type furniture that essence and we use is not poor, so the price is not expensive. Do not believe those gossip outside, say what fire prevention board life is short, the fire prevention board mesa of ikea is to have 25 years of quality assurance commitment, the quality assurance level inside ikea is the highest.


Since you can make any pattern you want, you can imitate either wood or marble.But don't count your chickens before they hatch. Read ikea's instructions.

  • Do not place hot objects directly on the counter.

  • Always use a pan mat to protect the surface.

  • For daily cleaning, simply use a soft cloth dipped in water and a neutral detergent or soap.

  • Do not use products containing abrasives, ammonia, or bleach.Dry with a clean, dry cloth.

  • If it is accidentally spilled on the table, immediately wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent or soap.

  • Do not use steel washers, cloths or similar products to avoid damaging surfaces.

  • Do not use knives or other sharp objects directly on the table.

To put it bluntly, is always with pot pad, dirty immediately wipe, do not use sharp objects delimit, do not use what disinfectant water upward pour, clean to diligent, if itself is lazy, that or do not use fire board top.

Natural stone material: Little delicate princess

Finally said to social star boundary a elder sister - marble, granite because the pattern is not so beautiful marble, no have marble popular.


Same with lumber, stone material itself also is met craze, and the problem of craze is very common, although fill fill also can continue to be used normally, but very diaphragm in affirmation heart should.And very egg ache is, because do the working procedure that mesa needs to be more, perhaps processing or transportation on the way carelessly broke. Is broken.Broken..No way, can only take back to fill, fill good (no problem, very normal, also don't see out), time limit for a project again to delay.

The surface of marble has a lot of pores, dirt is easy to penetrate, especially light color department marble, a glass of red wine can easily destroy it.Natural material does not prevent corrosion, foreign users have reported, cut lemon spilled a few drops of lemon juice, the table immediately spent face.Want to do kitchen mesa with natural stone material, besides every one or two years should do to close the pore of the surface to seal dead, also need very diligent ground to clean, otherwise really wipe cannot go all one's life.


Stainless steel: I don't abandon you, you abandon me again

The whole catering industry is using the material, there is nothing to complain about, you can do anything with it, have you seen how lanzhou ramen master abuse stainless steel countertops?Low price (or choose food grade stainless steel), enjoy clean, hard to hide solid resistance to build......That sounds good.

The only problem is, it's easy to spend, and it's inexplicable;Not so easy to spend the pull stainless steel, appearance level and low to dust...And the steel plate of stainless steel mesa is not thick, after long-term heating will be out of shape from the drum, can obviously feel the uneven mesa, a certain place in a clang clang ring.

Use half a year normally

Artificial stone/acrylic: The Star of Yesterday

The countertop of pure color, look very relaxed and contracted, also belong to how to use won't make a mistake, and can do alien. Aluminous powder adds resin to stick up, add some toning agent again, sound simple, but aluminous powder is not cheap, so performance and price become direct ratio, cheap is to replace aluminous powder with calcium powder, no good goods, a lot of problems, even the name of the artificial stone, let everyone think artificial stone is easy to yellow, not resistant to high temperature, easy to crack.

It's not hard to use the integrated surface for the sink. Source: Du Pont Crian

Man-made stone and fire board feel very wrong.Du pont is recognized as a leader in the industry, the basic use in high-end cabinets and furniture, the price of a little lower artificial stone performance is not so good as quartz stone, so it becomes a thing of the past, leaving the cabinet mesa, to other aspects of the development.

Ultra-thin SLATE: Sorry, I can't affordable.

Stone into powder and then stick up, 3mm thick, what is good, high hardness, not easy dirty, even can be directly cut vegetables above, even cutting board do not need, is expensive, around $1000 per meter.


Artificial quartz stone: Back to the begining...

Let's talk about the giant star in domestic ambry conntertop -- quartz stone.

Quartz stone conntertop is also artificial, so accurately should call artificial quartz stone, principle and artificial stone the same, only artificial stone with aluminum powder, and quartz stone is to break the natural quartz stone, reoccupy resin stick up.Because quartz stone is naturally small crystals, nature does not exist like a large marble quartz stone.

We live in the style of the cabinet is only a choice of quartz stone material, there is nothing to hide, because compared to the front of the coquettish bitch, really in performance, appearance level, price balance.Quartz stone mesa itself hardness is very high, not afraid of scratch, also resistant to acid and alkali grease, directly said before a large number of other material defects all to the surface.And its only drawback is to join together to do not have seamless, can have a few trace, and although the price is expensive but also unlikelihood is expensive arrive outrageous, replaced man-made stone gradually so, became the material that suits to do ambry most to pledge character.

We usually see the quartz stone mesa, there will be a very large quartz stone particles, sometimes also add additional broken glass as decoration.Some people find such large particles unattractive, like me -even though I once thought it was the material properties of quartz stone that could not be changed.Later found, quartz stone also has pure color, very delicate, do not see the grain mesa style.Because the quartz stone itself is hard, cut it the finer the higher the technical requirements, so delicate mesa fees than the regular money on a full one times more expensive.

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