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What's the best kitchen design?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

"What's the best kitchen design?"

Key words: Practical, Beautiful

Making a room in the kitchen, for example, from the developers to meet the daily needs, including but not limited to the following key points: wall brick, floor tile, waterproof, cabinets, crane rail, smallpox, lighting, water tank, circuit, waterways, hearth, basic electrical appliances (refrigerators, cigarette machine), cooking appliances, pressure cooker, oven, hot water supply, water treatment/purification, conventional storage, functional storage, etc.Want to have a function reasonable, accord with living habit, reserve the kitchen that adds a function in the future, need to divide from pattern first begin: the area of kitchen of common residence of China is general lesser, short side length is in commonly 2500mm inside, according to door model different it is rectangle more.The combination type of cabinets is generally divided into:

U type:

The operation route is short, the operation efficiency is high, relatively common in the early housing type.For rectangular kitchen more, door and window opposite look type.Wash, cut, fry (right hand habit) can easily achieve triangle work area, greatly reduce the operation streamline;Island type: domestic can achieve higher difficulty, characterized by washing, cutting and stir-frying which part or all the functions of the formation of a guide. It allows multiple people to collaborate without affecting each other.Can use nakashima cart (with lock), bar realization;

G type:

the door opens in a corner of the kitchen, more storage areas than the U type, making full use of space;And model: common with this year of popularity contain the kitchen of sliding door (a side may be door hole or idle), advantage is daylighting and ventilated better, drawback is to store content function to drop, cannot form triangular work area;

L type:

The most common and easy to implement type in China, although it can also form triangular work area, because the length of the short side is mostly on one side of the window, the long side of the triangle area is too long, which will increase the operation line;

Type 1:

It is commonly seen in apartment-style small houses, and the operation streamline is too long;Generally speaking, U model, G model, island model is ideal kitchen pattern, L model is the U model that cuts edition, but pass reasonable plan, muti_function hardware and accessory still can make up the inconvenience that limits on a few door model.According to the kitchen cooking, cleaning, storage and other different functions, can be generally summarized with 5 kinds of partition (according to the right hand habit user, order) :

Food storage area

Refrigerator space, storage cabinet, storage rack, cart and other objects, can be floor-mounted, suspended and movable;

Kitchen storage area

Storage and storage of tableware, cutlery, cooking gadgets, crisper and other utensils;

Clean the area

It is cistern area commonly, cabinet put oneself in another's position below cistern installs water purifier, kitchen treasure more (namely hot water heater), cathartic things, dustbin to wait for more, cannot be used as conventional store content;

Preparation area

Most of the operation work of the kitchen needs to be realized here, such as cutting vegetables, preparing vegetables, mixing noodles, arranging and so on. Common tools can be placed on the wall or on the table for convenient operation.

Cooking/baking area

The area where the hearth is located, if the space is enough, common electrical appliances such as oven, microwave oven and pot can be stored here;


Circuit, basic circuit, standby circuit.

  • It can meet the needs of the socket used in refrigerator. The height can be divided into low position (300mm from the socket center) and high position (1000mm).

  • Table base socket, the finished surface is 1000mm away from the socket center to prevent accidental water splashing and release.Can be used regularly or temporarily on the table, near the idle table, away from the stove and sink;

  • Smoke machine socket, finish the face from the socket center 2000mm or above, horizontal center distance from the smoke machine center (convenient cover);

  • The socket under the sink is reserved for water purifier, kitchen treasure and garbage shredder, 2 or more is preferred;

  • Lower part of hearth to avoid later kitchen upgrade, can reserve low socket;

  • Spare area, at least 1 low wall socket reserved;

  • Other outlets are reserved according to the planned function or reserved function of the kitchen. It is suggested to use 4 square or more wires for the circuit in the kitchen.

Electrical & equipment:

  • For refrigerators, the depth and width of conventional refrigerators are less than 650mm and 700mm respectively, while the width and depth of open-door refrigerators are 900~1000mm and 650~750mm respectively.Purchase or modify the building according to the size of the clapboard, and inform the cabinet supplier that the refrigerator size has been determined when customizing the cabinet;

  • Stove, according to preferences and needs to choose and buy, in this not to integrate and embedded types of stove to do comments;

  • Cigarette machine, no matter which type of choice, remember to reserve and modify the socket attention, in this not to comment on cigarette machine type;

  • Water purification equipment, must be reserved in the cabinet under the sink socket, here do not comment on the type of water purification equipment;

  • Kitchen water heater, kitchen treasure type namely hot water heater, must be in the position (preferably in the cabinet under the sink) reserved socket.Determine the size of the gas water heater before ordering, and make waterway planning in advance;

  • Other supplementary type of electrical appliances, according to the washing and need to buy, even at the current stage of electrical appliances, but it is best to reserve enough socket, in case of emergency and upgrade to use.If possible, choose the area of 600~800mm to place in the kitchen layer board is worn, microwave oven, electric cooker, pressure cooker, soybean milk machine, small oven, bread machine, electric kettle and other electrical appliances are unified receive, convenient to use.Reserve 3~5 sockets behind the wall.


  • Kitchen basis illume, install in smallpox commonly embedded or suction top type lamps and lanterns.Installation of lamps and lanterns below condole ark can improve security, also let cooking no longer dry. No matter which type of luminaire is selected, the color temperature of the light source shall be controlled between 3700~5000K, and the color rendering property shall be 60 or above.Downy show the light with good lubricious sex, can improve security, reduce visual fatigue, also won't let the kitchen utensils and appliances with costly, electric equipment appear without simple sense.

  • The knowledge of color temperature and color rendering can be searched by ourselves to understand its influence on psychology, safety and visual fatigue.

Ergonomics (streamline operation, efficient reduction of fatigue, safety, psychological, visual, etc.) :

  • Use drawers/pull baskets as much as possible to reduce the number of floor cabinet doors.Drawer can be easily opened, internal items in a glance, without the need for excessive bending and squatting operation, reduce operation fatigue;

  • As far as possible to choose the panning up door, panning up folding door and other hardware, to avoid collision;

  • Pressing automatic/electric handleless rails and hinges is a new trend, which frees hands to reduce bumps and scratches.

  • Reasonable plan interior store content to divide, bowl basket, condiment basket chooses according to need, wall hangs a piece to use more, commonly used spoon shovel can hang on hanging rod, hook up, commonly used condiment can use wall condiment to wear, wide ambry shake handshand or wall hangs a rod to be able to cool hang dishwashing cloth, tabletop model filter water wears, pot lid wears is practical small thing;

  • Sink is placed more below the window, when using natural light to clean operation most appropriate.Preparation often takes longer than cooking, so looking out the window from time to time can make the chore easier.Won't block in psychological respect, although windowsill place is not big, put little thing temporarily or very practical;

  • Condole ark USES door of light color cabinet or door of frosted glass cabinet, less bulky feeling also presses a feeling, make the kitchen more appear;

Wall ground and ceiling:

Although the kitchen is more than toilet, bright water is splashed less and less on the ground, but the wall floor tile that does not represent a kitchen can look small, the processing of smallpox also is not just good-looking go.

  • If possible, wall floor tile all chooses porcelain qualitative ceramic tile, be in bibulous rate, wear-resisting spend, be able to bear or endure UV, fight smeary wait for a respect to be bigger than pottery qualitative brick or common glaze brick formerly.Floor tile needs anti-skid treatment, can be the whole body concave and convex treatment or glaze anti-skid treatment, the use of anti-mildew and water-resistant pointing agent as far as possible, to avoid infiltration of grease and stains leading to mildew and black;

  • The physical property requirement of wall brick is not as high as floor tile, the area below mesa can use shop to stick brick shop to stick, ceramic brick is used above mesa. In order to clean, avoid the use of "edge collapse" treatment of wall tiles;

  • Smallpox processing USES smallpox of aluminium gusset plate more now (strip or square), PVC gusset plate and smallpox of resistant to water plasterboard, the action of kitchen smallpox is more keep out upper part is not same as conduit of drainage.If smoke machine exhaust air volume is enough, plus ceiling exhaust fan lampblack problem is really not big, but also with individual cooking technique.When I am designing much delay kitchen all round with be able to bear water plasterboard + be able to bear water emulsioni paint processing, plasterboard of central part prep above 50mm USES whole (be like X axis 3 whole) aluminium smallpox.Such benefits when the central aluminum ceiling entire block splicing, more beautiful, gypsum board convenient drilling installation lamps and smoke machine pipe, aluminum ceiling is higher than gypsum board to form a buffer zone to use the ventilation fan to exhaust residual soot.This method has been tested (customers who have been in the hotel for 3 years), and can greatly reduce the residual oil smoke and pollution smallpox;

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