With over 5 years in Great Toronto Area, XingHong Construction has become experienced in many areas of quality indoor or outdoor projects
From small to large projects you can expect design from start to finish for all your homes outdoor needs.

Using Xinghong Construction Inc. as your one source for design and build services allows you to take advantage of our architects, engineers and designers working in unison. This will undoubtedly help to bring the initial project plan to the construction phase quicker, thus allowing you to complete your home remodeling project on schedule. 


Fine cabinetry, shelving, casework, and wood furniture can transform the appearance of your business while adding another dimension of comfort and convenience for employees, customers, and clients alike. Interior design contributes a lot to your brand’s reputation and professional image, and if you’re a builder or general contractor your clients will appreciate fine products that improve the ambiance and functionality of their space. Fortunately, Xinghong Construction Inc has you covered on all fronts.


At Xinghong Construction Inc. we understand that home remodeling is a great way to reinvent your home and make it truly unique to you and your family. It is also a great investment that rewards you by increasing the property value when you and your family have out grown it. Put our experience, quality and workmanship to the test and join our growing list of satisfied clients.